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Electric Forklift
Feb 09, 2019



Electric Forklift

Electric forklifts are forklifts that operate on electricity, mostly for batteries.And the battery is a kind of battery, its role is to store the limited power, in the right place to use.It works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy.This is the battery inside the battery of the electric forklift.Note: batteries should not be placed horizontally!Because the inside of a battery is typically 22 to 28 percent dilute sulfuric acid.Battery is put electrolyte can drown plate and left a little space if the battery laid-down there will be a part of the plate electrode exposed to air, this is very bad for battery plate, and the general observation hole or the top of the battery cells are vent communicates with the outside world, so the battery electrolyte askew is easy to flow out.


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